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When Sholem Oberlander entered the world of diamonds in 1975, he joined the third generation of Diamonteers, serving the industry with a family tradition of excellence.

With Beginnings in Antwerp, Belgium, The Oberlander Family founded a Diamond cutting house, producing a fine line of quality Diamonds. They subsequently relocated in New York City, where they established a cutting firm, continuing their high standards.

Sholem Oberlander began his Diamond career at the cutting wheel, slowly working his way through every facet of the diamond industry. By paying close attention to meticulous detail, he greatly broadened his intricate knowledge and understanding of the diamond trade.

The firm known today as Goodfine Diamond International specializes in manufacturing a vast range of diamonds, sizes from 0.30 to 5 carat + in round and fancy shapes, "D" To "K" color, "IF SI" clarity. We also carry commercial quality goods. Most of our stones are certified by the G.I.A. And other major labs.

We are best known for our fine cut. We take extra care in cutting our stones to the maximum Fire and Brilliance and sampling as Ideal cuts.

We are members of good standing with the Diamond Dealers Club, GIA/GTL and Lifetime Members of Polygon Network.

Sholem Oberlander takes pride in continuing the strong family tradition of providing our valued customers with the goods they are seeking. Because we are a family run operation, we offer a personal touch in the tradition our house is famous for. We are committed to excellence in quality and service.

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